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Thread: Ubuntu & eMac

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    Ubuntu & eMac

    Hi guys,

    My sister is working on very old eMac with MacOS 10.4.11 installed and i'm curious about getting a little bit more 'juice' from it, so...

    I have two questions:

    It is possible to install 12.04 or any other *buntu on this eMac with PPC 7450 768MB RAM?
    Is there any working and keeped up-to-date substitute of java and flash plugins?

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    Re: Ubuntu & eMac

    I think you will get better and faster answer to your question here.
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    Re: Ubuntu & eMac

    Lubuntu should run just fine on that system. You can always add programs if ones you want are missing from the default. I don't have my PPC machine handy but if I recall correctly for Flash your only option would be Gnash.

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