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Since you're at the point of considering a fresh install try another DE, couldn't hurt.


Hopefully that will give you a functioning desktop so you can continue to work on rectifying your gnome-shell issues.
I'm using gnome-classic now. And although a little laggy, it seems to be doing just fine. That's another thing, things are laggy now. Gnome-Do, for example, is my alt+f2 hotkey, and it takes an extra second or so to pop up. Just drudging along. I'm not all that surprised, as my computer is circa 2008ish, but it was top of the line then, with a dual core 2.4ghz proc, and 4gb RAM, so I don't know what's going on.

Oh wells. Maybe I'm stuck on gnome classic D:

Or, I could risk backing things up and restoring them later.