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Thread: Skynet is here

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    Skynet is here


    Has anyone eles seen this?

    Has any one got it working as deamon on ubuntu?

    I'd like to help, my server runs Ubuntu 10.4LTS and is way overpowered for a server. I'm not that knowledgeable on Linux so if any one has any pointers it would be appreciated.
    I have found this and am about to try it, I'll update as I go.

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    Re: Skynet is here

    Ok I think I did it
    This is what I did:
    luke-laptop@laptop:~$ mkdir .skynet
    luke-laptop@laptop:~$ cd .skynet/
    luke-laptop@laptop:~/.skynet$ wget
    This makes dir then downloads install files

    luke-laptop@laptop:~/.skynet$ chmod a+x
    Makes script executable

    luke-laptop@laptop:~/.skynet$ /home/luke-laptop/.skynet/ -d /home/luke-laptop/.skynet/ -u 106737 -2
    Will install in dir /home/luke-laptop/.skynet/
    106737 is my id number (optional)
    -2 will allocate 2gb of ram to skynet

    luke-laptop@laptop:~/.skynet$ cd nereus/
    luke-laptop@laptop:~/.skynet/nereus$ sudo bin/ start
    Will start the daemon

    It was actually allot easy than I thought

    I don't know if it will start automatically at boot tho...


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