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Thread: ubuntu 12.04 and nvidia install please help

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    Re: ubuntu 12.04 and nvidia install please help

    Well after waiting around for a while, I have now installed Nvidia driver version 295.49 from the ubuntu-proposed repository. The result:

    Unity 3D will run properly, but rather too slowly for my liking.

    So I installed gnome-shell (Gnome 3). This runs OK with no noticeable speed problem. So I'm not sure what is causing the Unity slowness, but I have settled into using Gnome 3 quite happily.


    64-bit Ubuntu Precise 12.04
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 620
    Graphics Processor: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 512MB

    Thanks to all who have contributed.

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    Re: ubuntu 12.04 and nvidia install please help

    Quote Originally Posted by MoebusNet View Post
    I'm running Lubuntu 12.04 on an antique Dell Latitude D800 with an Nvidia Geforce4 4200 video card with 32 Mb vram. This worked for me for the 96 driver. Just a couple of "gotchas" for me:
    1) The nouveau driver kept locking up my computer after I edited /etc/apt/sources.list but before I could create /etc/apt/preferences with Chromium open to this thread to read the instructions. I used a different computer to read the instructions while I worked on the D800 to avoid the lockups.
    2) I was puzzled by the reference to /etc/apt/preferences because it did not exist in my 12.04 file system. I took a chance and created the file as above.
    3) I couldn't install the 96 driver through Preferences>Additional Drivers or Synaptic after the above edits, so I used Lubuntu Software Center to download and install it. I had to shut down and log out a couple of times before the driver took effect.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I can clean this up just a little to make it clearer for those of us still using antiques.

    Thanks, Nicolas
    Thanks for the pointers, Nicolas. I will check it out. I have a D800, also - "antique",eh? It was a nice step up for me mainly because of the WXGA 1920x1200 screen

    I am looking at D820/830 models on CraigsList since it seems the screens are interchangeable (preferably cheap due to bad or lower-res screens), plus I could get a Core2 CPU to get around the annoying PAE requirement for Kubuntu.

    This is about as crazy as upgrading Windows with all these aggravating hardware gotchas - I thought Linux was supposed to prolong the lives of older PC's

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    Re: ubuntu 12.04 and nvidia install please help

    Hi MœbusNet and Rokky
    I have this antique D800 too, with a native wxga 1680*1050 LCD with a 4200* nv28 chip upgraded from a Fujitsu/Siemens Amilo M7405 + intel 855GM + 11.10 then to 12.04 standard.
    I reached to have the nvidia96 to work (with the Xord downgrade trick) far better than nouveau which corrupted my cursor and screen.
    Although, now I have both suspend/hibernation that wake up to a dark screen and killing xorg nor ctrl+Alt+F1 won't bring screen back.
    Do you have this issue too?

    *before I remove XP, I upgraded the video bios with the Dell supplied package (bad idea?)(I uploaded it here)

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