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    is there any easy way to get the latest ubuntu on USB so I can replace 10.10...??? unetbootin doesnt even have the latest

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    Re: usb

    Unetbootin allows for the writing of an ISO image to a usb disk. So my advice would be to download the version of Ubuntu 12.04 that you wish to use off of the official ubuntu site, and select the image as the source for the installation in unetbootin.

    You simply select the checkbox next to "diskimage", keep ISO selected, and browse to the location where you downloaded the disc image.

    *I know that the ubuntu servers have been overloaded today, so downloading the iso image off of the site may not be possible. In that case, I suggest you download the image via bittorrent. There is a link to the bittorrent files under alternative flavors and languages, if I am not mistaken.


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    Re: usb

    First of all go to and download the latest ubuntu 32 or 64bit according to your system.

    Secondly go here: and download the latest "Universal USB Installer". Version is updated and has option for the 12.04 release.

    Follow the easy guide and everything should be ok.


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