access to a VINO server running under Ubuntu 10.04 by using various VNC clients worked satisfactorily. However, after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 VNC access to the VINO server is extremely slow. The best client I found so far is remmina (which is also very slow but allows less colours for less network traffic). I tried other servers including (various versions of) turbovnc, tigervnc vnc4server, and realvnc-server in combination with the associated clients and other clients but I either I do not get a desktop at all (just a grey window), I cannot connect, or I do not get the mirror of the gnome-fallback desktop I see when using VINO on the remote machine. I also want to login over vnc remotely (so as I do not need to first login locally and then have the desktop on the remote machine). All that works relatively well with TurboVNC server running under Centos-6.5 and accessing it from Win7 or from Ubuntu (10.04 to 14.04) via turbovnc client (that has strong compression capabilities).
I have been searching the net for a suitable solution since quite a time but so far I just found postings of other desperate people who did not get it to work. Please note that I want a real mirror of the screen I would have locally if I logged in with the same UID.
A 'real' solution and not just a work around is very much appreciated!
thanks, best, D.