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Thread: Focusrite Saffire pro 24 DSP How i make it work in ubuntu precise pangolin

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    Lightbulb Focusrite Saffire pro 24 DSP How i make it work in ubuntu precise pangolin

    Ok i gonna describe the steps what i did and tell me what is wrong and how make it better.

    -The first thing i did is uninstall the ffado and jackd what i has following to have a clean installation

    -The second is go to and get manually the sources of [libffado_2.0.99+svn2019.orig.tar.bz2]<>

    -After i've installed from synaptic all the packets related with ffado and then just uninstalled again just to have the packets in /var/cache/apt/archives/ then i've searched the ffado packets and opened the ffado-mixer-qt4_2.0.99+svn2019-1ubuntu1_all.deb with the compressor and edited manually the changing the line of:
    if self.configrom.getModelName() == "SAFFIRE_PRO_24"
    if self.configrom.getModelName() == "SAFFIRE_PRO_24DSP"
    (Really i was looking for the src's but discovered what aren't inside) anyway at the end nothing matters.

    -Then i go again to synaptic to install all the packets again, then as espected the command $ ffado-test Discover was giving the error of the firmware 04. ok

    -Now i come back to the svn downloaded and extract his files and searched for the saffire_pro24.cpp file and edit the line of:
     « if (tmp[0] != 0x00010004 ) » to « if (tmp[0] != 0x00010008 ) »
    Did the same with the file about the mixer. -and install the sources over the original one with:
    $ cd libffado-2.0.99+svn2019;  scons PREFIX=/usr;  sudo scons install;  cd ..
    Ok, then i go to try if the quyck-fix is working $ ffado-test Discover (and... Damm is working!!)

    -Then i tried open the ffado-mixer but fails (****)

    -i go to look for the mixer to the /usr/share/ffado-mixer-qt4/ffado/mixer/ and edited again in the same way because was changed with the original i don't know why
    -Try again, and working (rules)

    -Then i've installed directly from the synaptic the qjackctl with all his dependencies (and haha is working perfect)

    -Now i go to try if work with a usually song with vlc player with the extra for jack but dont works (mmm...)

    -opened the connection tab in qjackctl to see if is detected and conected, but look pulse-audio is routed in jack (then i remember what i installed the packet to do it, great!) -another try but now with rithmbox and damm it works its playing!! (with the hint i can't shut down jack because pulse is always connected)

    -Now i have full audio on the pc and i am writing this listening notorious big.

    PD. Excuse me about if i have poor english but i was wooried trying to remember the steps what i did. PD. I understand what is a little dirty fix but is the first time what i get this interface working in ubuntu and i suposse what also can help to be supported in the official way.
    Cheers fo reading =)
    Pepe Pérez
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