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Thread: 'Hang On' says Google. Cloud is comming

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    Re: 'Hang On' says Google. Cloud is comming

    Quote Originally Posted by Docaltmed
    It will automagically sync with the folder(s) of your choice.
    Yeah, one thing that's neat about U1 is that you can sync your entire Documents folder or Pictures folder and so on over multiple machines. It's easy to drop a symlink to a folder in your Dropbox on one machine, but then the files will appear directly within the Dropbox folder on the other machine. Presumably you could trick it with another symlink, but it's extra work when you're setting up a new machine or even just doing a reinstall on an existing one.

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    Re: 'Hang On' says Google. Cloud is comming

    Quote Originally Posted by forrestcupp View Post
    Cool. The only thing I can't tell is whether they have a working client for Android or not. It seems like the only thing for Android is a subscription based client for streaming music from your Ubuntu One account. Is that how it is, or do they actually have an Android client where you can access all your files for free?

    I consider this on topic because I'm trying to compare Ubuntu One to Google Drive. Hopefully they'll get a client for Linux sooner rather than later. They don't have a problem using Linux to make a profit with Android.
    Yup. There's an Android app for it. I have only used it for pictures, but it would appear that you can sync all the other folders as well. It's in the Google Marketplace (or Play or whatever they're calling it now).

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