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Thread: Backup to Ubuntu One using deja-dup

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    Backup to Ubuntu One using deja-dup

    Hi I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity and I backed up my home folder to Ubuntu One last night using the backup tool (deja-dup), fantastic. I have a question however, on my first two tries the backup failed and nothing was saved (sorry I don't remember the error message, something about missing or mis-matched authorization I believe but i'm really not sure).

    In any case on the third successful attempt two things were different:

    I didn't open any files or run any programs while the backup proceeded.
    I didn't try to password protect the backup

    I'd be interested to hear what others think was the issue with the first two backup attempts, maybe it's common knowledge that you are not to open files or run programs during a backup? (kind of makes sense i suppose but if it is I've not heard it), or is there a known bug with password protection of the backups?

    I just looked for bug associated with deja-dup and passwords on launchpad but didn't see any.

    thanks for any tips


    i have used backup with password and it works fine.
    i have been connected wirelessly while attempting to backup, it seems that the signal strength is very important, when i'm near the router i haven't had problems but when further away (and the signal strength is 50% or so) I have had several failures as i noted above.
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