I just bought a AnyDATA ADU-310A EVDO USB modem, and a Mongolian G-Mobile data plan.

I'm using the newest beta of ubuntu 12.04.

Tried setting it up using the default gnome network manager, without luck. Tried editing the allowed authenticating methods as suggested by a tool tip, also without luck.

Found this guide (in Mongolian) which I tried to follow also with out luck: http://it.gansukh.com/2009/07/ubuntu...l#comment-form
Keeps trying to connect but gets the message "--> No Carrier! Trying again." all the time, when running: "sudo wvdial"

Anyone had any luck with G-mobile on linux? Or just some suggestions to what I can try next.
Any other information I need to provide?

Hope really much I can get this to work, as I will be living in the country side of Mongolia the next 5 month, and G-mobile is the only carrier which has coverage out there.