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Thread: access to headless virtualbox guest via rdp

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    access to headless virtualbox guest via rdp


    I'm trying to set up an environment where I can have headless guests running to host selenium tests, but that I can reach into with a remote desktop/rdp. The guests must be able to talk to each other for selenium grid, they must be able to talk to the host (where I'll launch the selenium tests from), and they must be able to see outside the virtual network (because the website they're testing against is hosted elsewhere).

    My current setup:

    Two ubuntu 12.04 Server guests.

    Host: ubuntu 10.04, corporate lockdowns (firewall), domain user (having trouble adding my ldap use to the local vboxusers group) running virtualbox 4.1.12 (not ose)

    Guest 1 (Hub):
    Network Adaptor 1: Host-only, vboxnet0.
    Network Adaptor 2: NAT
    Had to put the first network adaptor as the internal network in order to get selenium to bind to it properly.
    Guest 2 (htmlunit node):
    network adaptor 1: NAT
    network adaptor 2: Host only, vboxnet0

    These work. I'm able to start my services via SSH, launch and run selenium. Now, i'm trying to add a full ubuntu desktop guest (and, if ever successful, add a windows guest as well).
    Guest 3 (ubuntu gui browser node):
    nic 1: host only, vboxnet0
    nic 2: NAT
    Installed fine, guest additions installed fine. HOWEVER.

    1) I can't figure out how to connect to the Remote Desktop of the guest. Display shows Remote Desktop start, port 3389. However, I can't connect with ubuntu's Terminal Server Client or with ubuntu Remote Desktop Viewer. I've tried all the options. So.
    2) Inside the guest, I started remote desktop sharing. After doing this, I was able to connect using remote desktop viewer using VNC. However, when I restarted the guest using vboxheadless, this no longer works. Obviously, as I'm using vboxheadless, the initial user isn't logged I have to configure auto-login? (I'd rather not)

    What's the best way to move forward? How I can I (usually) leave this guest running the background, but be able to connect to a remote desktop for it so I can see my selenium tests run sometimes?


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    Re: access to headless virtualbox guest via rdp

    Try using the hosts's VNC server instead of running VNC from the guest, try starting the VM with the following command:

    VBoxHeadless --vnc --vncport <port> --vncpass <pw> --startvm <name|uuid>

    then you can connect with the following command:

    vncviewer localhost:<port>

    When testing locally I was able to reboot with:

    VBoxManage controlvm centos reset

    Afterwards I was still able to connect via VNC viewer.

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    Re: access to headless virtualbox guest via rdp

    My version of vboxheadless doesn't include those options. (4.1.12):

    Oracle VM VirtualBox Headless Interface 4.1.12
    (C) 2008-2012 Oracle Corporation
    All rights reserved.

    -s, -startvm, --startvm <name|uuid> Start given VM (required argument)
    -v, -vrde, --vrde on|off|config Enable (default) or disable the VRDE
    server or don't change the setting
    -e, -vrdeproperty, --vrdeproperty <name=[value]> Set a VRDE property:
    "TCP/Ports" - comma-separated list of ports
    the VRDE server can bind to. Use a dash between
    two port numbers to specify a range
    "TCP/Address" - interface IP the VRDE server
    will bind to
    -c, -capture, --capture Record the VM screen output to a file
    -w, --width Frame width when recording
    -h, --height Frame height when recording
    -r, --bitrate Recording bit rate when recording
    -f, --filename File name when recording. The codec
    used will be chosen based on the
    file extension

    I tried (vbh is an alias for VBoxHeadless):
    vbh --vnc --vncport 5901 --vncpass ubuntu --startvm ubuntu_1204_selnode_base

    just in case it was undocumented and
    vbh -vdre on --vrdeproperty TCP/Ports=5900 --vrdeproperty TCP/Address= --startvm ubuntu_1204_selnode_base,

    that starts the machine. However....
    vncviewer localhost::5900
    vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused
    Unable to connect to VNC server

    same for vncviewer localhost:5900

    netstat -an does not show the host listening on 5900.

    However...I'm not a member of the vboxusers group, because my user is an ldapuser and I haven't figure out how to add an ldap user to a local group... would that prevent this from getting set up correctly?

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    Re: access to headless virtualbox guest via rdp

    Ok, so the issue was you need Oracle's proprietary extensions installed (or someone else's extension installed) to make this work.

    Also, don't have screwed with your vrde TCP/Address setting, or even after installing the extension, you'll be unable to start the vrde server.

    Seems like someone ought to write an open source extension to get this done.

    Also, I couldn't get the 10.04 included RDP viewer to connect to a different port than 3390, so I had t install remmina, which works great.

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