I have a problem with the mouse once I take my laptop (a HP Pavilion DM-3) out of standby... it becomes extra sensitive to the extent where it will start opening random pages without me even clicking anything.

To tackle this problem partially I've disabled standby mode when the lid closes, but the laptop still goes into standby (or something very like it!) when the battery completely drains (which is happening more often now because I probably haven't taken care of the battery properly) and therefore when I turn it back on and it displays whatever I had open before it turned off, I can hardly move the mouse without it jumping all over the screen and, like I said, opening random things like the html source files of webpages and other things from the toolbar.

Obviously this is incredibly annoying even though it's not the biggest of issues so I was wondering whether anyone else has had this problem or knows how to deal with it?

Thank you!

I have Ubuntu 11.10 (the issue was there whilst I had the previous version too)