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Thread: Texmaker vrsion package problem

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    Texmaker vrsion package problem


    I just ran into a problem creating a document in Texmaker. I decided to use built-in package vrsion for automatic versioning of my document. The first time I built my document, everything was OK. Unfortunately, the next time the vrsion package threw out an error on line 92 of vrsion.sty:

    ! Missing number, treated as zero.

    Anyone ran into this problem before, any known workaround how to fix this? I tried to reinstall package texlive-latex-extra but that didn't help. Haven't really been successful googling it either.

    Thanks, any help would be appreciated,


    Edit: The first time I run it, vrsion produces file called _document_.vrs with correct version number (one) in the same dir as my document is.

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    Re: Texmaker vrsion package problem

    I also have a problem with vrsion. In particular vrsion seems to clash with revtex 4.1 which I use for writing papers to submit to physics journals. I don't know if that was OP's problem or not. vrsion does work in a minimal example using regular ol' article [and probably other document classes as well] so I know it's not totally busted. It also seems to generate a correct .vrs file even with revtex.

    The email address provided with the vrsion documentation is dead. If anyone knows the contact information of Mats Dahlgren its creator it would be much appreciated.

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