I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit on an HP Envy 14 laptop. Ever since I set up a dual boot with Win7, I've had issues with two finger gestures in Ubuntu. As I came to use Ubuntu as my main OS, the problems seemed to disappear. I have since come to realize that most times, but not every time, I boot into Windows, multitouch becomes crippled on returning to Ubuntu.

The basic symptoms include the mouse jumping on placing a second finger on the track pad. I can still access two finger right-click, but it usually takes around 4 or 5 attempts. Two finger scroll is totally gone, and this gesture sometimes results in opening the right click menu. Nothing else in the OS seems to be altered from what I can tell besides this behavior. Rebooting multiple times or the next day eventually resets the trackpad behavior until I boot into Windows again.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This bug makes me dread switching into Windows, not that I really WANT to use it ever . I've been dealing with this for around four months since I installed Ubuntu. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!