I can't find if this has been reported before:

I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 with default Unity desktop on my netbook.

Sporadically, the update notifier icon which pops up in the launcher when
new updates are available does not react on left clicks. It does react on
right clicks however - the context menu shows up, but then the menu
entry to open the update management tool does not work.

I'm facing this issue every one or two out of ten times the update
notifier pops up.

Also I have a similar issue with the context menu in different applications
(e.g. Keepass, Clementine). After some time the context menu does not
show up anymore on right clicks.

Is anybody facing this too? Is it a known bug?


AMD Turion(tm) II Neo K685 Dual-Core Processor × 2
3,7 GiB RAM
Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit, Unity