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Thread: How to ssh tunnel to a computer that uses proxy

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    Question How to ssh tunnel to a computer that uses proxy

    I am on computer C1
    created a dynamic ssh tunnel to C2
    configured browser of C1 to use tunneled socks5 proxy
    But C2 requires proxy with authentication to connect internet.
    I have set network-proxy under gnome-control-center of C2 but still i cant connect to internet from C1.

    Suggestions welcomed.

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    port forwarding

    The proxy on C2 probably listens on a specific port. So rather than make a dynamic (SOCKS) proxy, just forward a local port on C1 to the proxy's port on C2.

    ssh -L 3129:localhost:3128
    Using that, by connecting to 3129 on the local host you are really connecting to 3128 on host C2.

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