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Thread: Dual Boot Windows XP SP2 Pro and Lubuntu 11.10

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    Re: Dual Boot Windows XP SP2 Pro and Lubuntu 11.10

    Quote Originally Posted by techsupport View Post
    I re-read this a couple of times.

    Why are you installing Windows as a dual boot?

    Why don't you just install Ubuntu, use the entire drive for Ubuntu, and install Windows in Virtualbox inside Ubuntu? That should work.

    Your solution would be to install windows virtually in Virtualbox.

    Lubuntu seems to be working great, so just install Virtualbox:

    Virtualbox is near the bottom of this list to install from PPA:


    If you don't need to have a dual, then don't dual boot and just install Windows inside Ubuntu Virutalbox.

    Hopefully that makes sense?
    First of all, this PC is public family computer that mainly used by my mother for browse the web, email and document processing. With her age and windows fanatics, I'm sure you know why I had to dual boot. She would never agree to be a Linux PC. And virtual box is out of the question.

    Second, it said it can be done. But I had little success so far.

    I suspicious that it a bad windows CD due. But consider this thread solved. I had give up about dual boot. I had bought my mother another laptop and I'm gonna used this computer mainly for Linux experiment Thank you for all your support so far

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    Re: Dual Boot Windows XP SP2 Pro and Lubuntu 11.10

    Try leaving 2MB of free space at the beginning of the hard drive before creating the first partition and others. I've experienced a similar problem before and this fixed it for me.

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