I'm impressed.
As I thought I will have to purchase a replacement Motherboard, CPU & RAM. Just double checked the spec's of mine and it only supports a max of 2GB RAM ha.
I would like one that can support 12 SATA + 1 or 2 OS HDD so I can Mirror.
I've also read that some OS's support installation to a Compact Flash card connected via a CF to IDE convertor, and that this gives better performance.
Do you know if OpenIndiana can support SATA expansion cards? I was thinking if I got a Motherboard with say 8 or 10 SATA I could purchase one of these:


When you say "I also use dual port Intel gigabit NICs lag'd together", what do you mean by Lag'd? Is this a way of getting twice the bandwidth to the switcher by sending the data down two separate Ethernets?