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and maybe some of you know others too......

encountered problems recently with Opera [since the Flash update] and was getting white screens freezing the entire machine

so looking around i found lightning flash Midori much faster and pared down it is in the repo

Also Seamonkey

Now this one is not basic and seems ok too

Only problem is the one in the repos does not work on recent Ubuntu versions. it is far too old

But SeaMonkey 2.8 can be downloaded as a tar.bz2 in many languages

So i found i had to do this to get it started

Unpack to home folder then

sudo mv seamonkey /usr/local
Right click on desktop to create a launcher if on Oneiric enter Seamonkey in properties then command is

Then to go to the net and find a logo or use

Right-click on your launcher /properties/click on image and find where you stored logo

Thanks to your advice I installed SM 2.12.1 on my flash drive's Mint Maya! One thing -- how can I get Seamonkey listed on the Internet submenu of XFCE's main Menu? Thanks a million!