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Thread: ToshSATELLITE A100 Wireless Setup?

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    ToshSATELLITE A100 Wireless Setup?

    Am new to Ubuntu, obviously. Am trying to get this wireless running, according to most, it should work straight away, although I don't really know whether I need to grab some drivers or anything.

    Here's some stats

    Make. Toshiba Satellite A100

    Wireless. Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG.

    I went through the 'how to post a wireless problem thread guide,' but most of the commands seemed to result in nothing relevant in terminal, or, more likely, went over my head and I executed them wrong.

    Would really appreciate your help!

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    Re: ToshSATELLITE A100 Wireless Setup?

    run the following command in a terminal and post the output:

    dmesg | grep iwl
    rfkill list
    if the list you get say hardblock yes then look for a wireless button on the laptop.
    and make sure it's turned on.
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    Re: ToshSATELLITE A100 Wireless Setup?

    Also, plug in an ethernet cable and make sure you have no drivers to install (run Additional Drivers). If there's anything wireless related, install it.

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