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Thread: Authenticate issue

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    Authenticate issue

    So i got sick of having to type my password in every single time i wanted to log in or out or install or Uninstall or basically do anything system related. But I saw no way to remove this feature aside from removing the password in user accounts.

    Q1: Why isn't this security feature optional? If it is what is the way to take it off?

    And it seems like this is an incredibly easy way to break the system and can only be fixed by going into recovery mode

    You can't authenticate anything because there is no password to authenticate with, nor a way to turn this feature off. Neither can you set a new password in user accounts because it requires a current password which there is none if you have taken it off.

    Q2: Is this an intended feature? If so then why would there not at the very least be a warning that this would put the system into a deadlock. If it's still fixable by going into recovery mode then how is this a fail safe security feature anyway? it seems to just be more of an annoyance.

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    Re: Authenticate issue

    Welcome to the Forums.

    This link will explain better than I can about sudo and passwords.


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