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Thread: Alienware m14x most stable Drivers?

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    Alienware m14x most stable Drivers?

    Hello everyone,

    I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who got the audio to work with the Alienware m14x, and alos which are the most stable drivers for this computer.

    My specs are:

    Intel Core i5 @ 2.4GHZ

    NVIDIA GeForce 555M (installed all the drivers with Bumblebee to run optimus)

    Realtek HD Audio

    Bigfoot Wireless N-1103

    256GB Crucial M4 SSD (boot and main system)
    500GB Secondary drive I installed in the disc caddy

    If anyone got anything working in the most stable way please let me know where you got the drivers and stuff... I got everything working except the audio which seems to be a big problem with realtek... I have the alsa drivers and they don't seem to do anything..

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    Re: Alienware m14x most stable Drivers?

    I suggest you install ubuntu 12.04 . I'm using wubi for the meantime until i get some hard disk to make space for a partition. It is working very well, don't forget to install bumblebee to full use optimus. wubi is working fantastic, cant wait to partition! good luck!

    P.S I have exactly same laptop with same specs.

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