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Thread: mkvtoolnix 5.5 crashes after a few seconds

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    Smile Re: mkvtoolnix 5.5 crashes after a few seconds

    MKV2Vob is usefull when you need a 1GB sample cut/split and you need it before the customer finishes watching a quick youtube video.

    When I need to cut a lot of files to 2GB or 1GB splits then I just select add directory and one button press and its done.

    The downside to this is being unable to specify exact to the second or kilobyte cuts on MKV2Vob so then I use Ubuntu Studio to create music or fine tune cuts.

    The reason I know about compressed headers is some folks will do this to save a few megabytes in file size but the usefullness of that is debatable when most files are four gigabytes to twenty five gigs and up.

    I use Linux but if you use Windows for video processing then you have a lot more options as to variety of cut/split programs unless you run WINE on top of either Ubuntu/Mint/Xubuntu.

    The problem with most Windows Cutting/split programs is that they are long on promises but very short on features/stability/performance and its very problematic to have the work computer get a Windows virus just as the customer needs that edited video right now!! so I tend to only use Linux Operating Systems to avoid those problems.

    Editing video or adding music/effects and my shortlist of programs is:
    Ubuntu Studio, OpenShot, MKVToolnix, MKV2vob and FFMpeg on Wine for those times when folks want an .avi

    I find it better to use specialist programs per task instead of trying to find the golden video/music/effects editing/creation program that will do it all.

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    Re: mkvtoolnix 5.5 crashes after a few seconds

    The linux way is a specialist tool for every job..

    If you want to cut quick & inaccurate then "dd" is perfect.

    Tools that support non-GUI (script-able) cutlists & frame accurate cutting (to I frame) are:
    avidemux (flakey & no LATM-AAC)
    ffmpeg (must decode for frame accurate)
    mkvtoolnix (no LATM-AAC)

    ffmpeg is a native linux need for wine but you need to compile it yourself.

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