I'm trying to setup cron/get-iplayer pvr to record each of a set of regular broadcasts on BBC Radio 3, but I've reached the limit of my understanding. The discussions and examples I see in on-line documentation all seem to imply that the pvr function will, in essence, make a copy of a previously broadcast BBC programme (TV or Radio) which the BBC have now stored as a file that could be viewed again using their iPlayer.

I don't want to do this. It would be more straightforward just to use the -get function of get-iplayer to download this stored file except that the BBC stores these files at a medium level of quality in MP3 format. In contrast, when I capture the programme using my HiFi-quality FM tuner as it is being broadcast, I can set whatever quality I like - up to that of the broadcast, without any lossy compression methods for example. The only problem is that I have got to be there to start and stop the recording - inconvenient.

The more I think about it, pvr seems the wrong way: even if I could figure out how to set it up to capture a live broadcast, this would still be the feed put onto the web by the BBC, which will use the same, medium-to-poor-quality, recording of the iplayer files.

Maybe I should just setup cron to start Audacity at the required time - except that a lot of additional manual intervention would be requited to setup, record and save an Audacity project - all of which I would expect pvr to do.

So what's the solution?