I'm a web developer so I was attempting to install php5/nginx for local developing. I'm not sure if either of these commands did it, as timing was not immediate, but I am no longer able to login to my main account(sending this message from ubuntu guest)

Running Ubuntu 11.10

recent CLI commands:

sudo usermod -a -G www-data bngreer

sudo su bngreer

sudo subl /etc/nginx/sites-available/dev + ctr+c (which seems to have crashed an open firefox instance also)

Just for clarity here. I can boot up and log into guest, but logging in to my main account crashes in some sort of hardware check and returns me to the login screen

I'm not entirely sure how to check user login settings to see what can be fixed, I really would prefer not to erase and reinstall as I have some valuable data. Any help would be appreciated