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Thread: Wifi connection problem, low tech question.

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    Wifi connection problem, low tech question.

    Hi, my desktop recently ran Ubuntu 13.04 alongside W7. I recall that for a while it could take several attempts to establish a wifi connection via the generic USB dongle. Once on, it seemed fine. Don't know how it ran on W7 at that time, I only run that rarely. Other devices including a laptop on Ubuntu 14.04 access and maintain their wifi connection just fine.

    I ugraded my desktop (Optiiplex 780) to 14.04 via the DVD (download). Whilst it's been fine for several weeks, the wifi now has a problem in keeping a connection. It usually establishes a connection on booting then quickly looses it. Checking the network availablity, it seems that the network is not seen, although nearby networks are. A little while later, no networks can be seen.
    W7 seems to run OK on the WIFI.

    I ran the 14.04 demo DVD as a trial, this fails in a similar way.

    So my question is: does running the demo DVD/CD access any of my setup files on the HDD or is it fully "stand-alone".
    Secondly, could it be a hardware issue as W7 runs it OK?

    A new wifi adapter is on it way to me, just for the purposes of elimination.

    Regards, Dave

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    Re: Wifi connection problem, low tech question.

    Running the "demo" does not access files on your hard drive (except perhaps the swap partition if one is detected). No drivers from your hard drive are used in a live session.

    If WiFi works fine in Windows, it's probably a driver issue in Ubuntu. Not uncommon. If you provide more information about what specific WiFi card it is, more specific help can be offered. (Look for instructions on the forum for running a script that dumps a lot of information you can post here.)

    Let's hope the new WiFi adapter is Linux-compatible!


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