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Thread: How do you disable scrolling through widows and tabs?

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    How do you disable scrolling through widows and tabs?

    Is there a way to disable scrolling through tabs and windows in ubuntu? It is rather annoying with laptops as it is easy to accidentally to scroll.
    I do not want to completely disable scrolling with the touchpad, just scrolling through widows and tabs.
    If there is not a way to completely disable it, if it is possible to just disable it in google chrome that would be helpful.
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    I have this problem too :/

    I can't figure out how to stop it :'(
    Using a normal mouse, whenever I scroll over tabs on my Ubuntu panel, or over the tabs in the Chromium browser, it takes me to some other page. There must be some way to disable this, as it seems a lot like a feature, but after hours of trawling the interweb, I have found no such way. Help!

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