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Thread: Touchscreen not detected in Gigabyte T1132N

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    Question Touchscreen not detected in Gigabyte T1132N

    I have Kubuntu oneiric 11.10 (3.0.0-17 64bit kernel) running on a Gigabyte T1132N. Unfortunately the capacitive multi-touch screen from 'cando' is not recognized by the kernel.

    In windows 7 the screen works and is listed with the following parameters:

    Gigabyte MultiTouchPanel with Controller
    oem42.inf:MST_HID.NTamd64:HIDSelSusp1.NT.6.0:7.0.0 .0:usb\vid_2087&pid_0b03

    The vendor id reveals that this device is from a company named 'cando'

    In linux neither 'lsusb -v' nor 'lspci -nn' nor 'lsinput' nor 'lshw -numeric' lists anything with the desired id.

    Tweaking and updating the bios didn't change anything.
    Running another kernel didn't change anything.

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