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Thread: Trying To Learn

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    Trying To Learn

    To start off with... I am using my laptop and booting Linux from a thumb drive, but I don't seem to have all the folders and files that I see posted on the forums... Do I have to install Linux on to the labtop be for I can fully use it..? I have a lot more questions but that will do for starters... Thanks... TinkerAlf

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    Re: Trying To Learn

    if you have got those files in your HOME directory , then after closing the session you gonna loss all those files .

    if you still wanna keep all those files while you're running from LIVE USB then make that LIVE USB as in Persistent mode

    look at here for more info
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    Re: Trying To Learn

    Running from a live device is more for testing or demonstration . See the post before mine .
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