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Thread: Apt-mirror question

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    Apt-mirror question

    Can mirror.list host packages from different releases? Like if I am running 10.04 server, can I mirror the packages for 12.04?

    I am assuming I can, because the packages for the 10.04 install (/var/apt/cache) isn't the same place as the mirror packages, right?
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    Re: Apt-mirror question

    It sure can! And you can also get different chipset architectures, as well. Here's a few sample lines to give you the idea:

    # Just a few sample lines from an /etc/apt/mirror.list file
    # Precise on i386
    deb-i386 precise main restricted
    deb-i386 precise-updates main restricted
    # Precise on amd64
    deb-amd64 precise main restricted
    deb-amd64 precise-updates main restricted
    # Oneiric on i386
    deb-i386 oneiric main restricted universe multiverse
    # Source file entries can also be used
    deb-src oneiric main restricted universe multiverse
    # Even Debian Squeeze (since Debian also uses .deb packages)
    deb-armel squeeze main contrib non-free
    deb-armel squeeze/updates main contrib non-free
    Just use your /apt/sources.list file as a model, changing the 'deb' prefix, as well as the codename for the release. I currently mirror 4 releases and 3 architectures (use 'deb-armel' for the ARM processors).

    Remember that the default architecture (if you just use 'deb' is for the architecture of the machine where apt-mirror is running, so if you have old and new machines, you may want to get both. You can determine which architectures you need by typing
    uname -m
    Which will return 'x86_64' (deb-amd64), or 'i686' (deb-i386), or 'armv5tel' (deb-armel).

    For each distribution ('precise', 'oneiric'...) and architecture, you will need to plan on downloading and storing about 30G. At least apt-mirror makes that pretty efficient.


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