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Thread: Howto make USB boot drives

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    Re: Howto make USB boot drives


    I do not recognize the warnings and error messages that you get. Please describe in detail how you use mkusb 12.4.4 (I guess you mean mkusb-dus), and how you use mkusb-plug.

    - Which scenario:

    . computer: brand name and model, boot mode, amount of RAM, graphics chip/card
    . operating system: version, live or installed
    . source iso files: full names (*buntu.iso, windows.iso)
    . target device: USB drive or memory card or SSD (brand name and model)

    - When do you get these warnings and error messages? Please describe as exactly as possible what you did and when it happened.

    I will try to test with as similar scenario as possible: similar computer, same operating system and same iso files.

    Or are you testing in a virtual machine?

    Edit: 'Please remove the installation medium then press enter.' is a typical message when shutting down a live drive (or persistent live drive). I do not understand how it can appear, when quitting mkusb.
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