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Thread: Howto make USB boot drives

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    Re: Howto make USB boot drives

    Quote Originally Posted by sudodus View Post
    I am ready to help you debug this problem by testing here (but of course my computers are different from yours).
    Thanks @sudodus - I have done more research/reading and some articles suggested that if part of the HDD was corrupt there can be problems with an install. I did even use 'Startup Disk Creator' to make the usb, but that did the same thing. So, 2 different utilities/tools and the same error/problem. What baffles me though is that I have used mkusb in the past to do a fresh install on the HP laptop.

    Quote Originally Posted by sudodus View Post
    0. Did you remember to check with md5sum that the iso file is good?
    I knew that the ISO was okay as I only checked it about 2 weeks ago. However , just checked again with md5sum and it is okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by sudodus View Post
    1. Did you create a live-only or a persistent live drive?
    I tried with both, but same problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by sudodus View Post
    2. It really should work when cloned because the cloning process is very robust and should not differ between tools. So it is well debugged with the Kubuntu 19.10 iso file.

    Edit: Some HP computers do not want to boot via grub from USB when there is a GUID partition table (GPT). For such computers you should select MSDOS partition table in the 'Settings' menu, when you make a persistent live drive.
    I can wipe the HDD completely if that would help. At present it has 19.10 on it but the desktop/plasma/menus is a total mess and I can't even switch between tasks. That is why I thought a fresh install may be warranted. But if I did wipe it clean, I would also like to check for any bad clusters, and mark those areas as 'unusable' or similar. Just to rule out the chance of this being a case of the install doing some sort of 'hang' or whatever when trying to write into bad blocks, etc. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Howto make USB boot drives

    Cloning with mkusb and the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator should give the same results. It there are problems with that process, there is some other problem (with the running operating system or the hardware (internal or external). So I think you are on the right track. It is a good idea to check the internal drive's S.M.A.R.T. status and after that create a partition with ext4 and after that run

    sudo e2fsck -cf /dev/sdxn
    where x is the device letter and n is the partition number where you have the ext4 file system.

    I suggest that you test the RAM too. You can use memtest. Run it overnight - there should be no error at all during that time.
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