I am running Panda Ultra Wifi under Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit (Ubuntu 3.8.0-29.42-generic I purchased the card because I was having issues with my inbuilt RTL8188CE (Thinkpad x230). After running the Panda card for a few days I seem to be running into similar issues (I have not installed or updated drivers). The card connects properly, but drops its Internet connection eventually, while WiFi remains connected (only a reboot reconnects me to the Internet). I'm currently in a very clean WiFi area connected to a B/G AP with no encryption and no other wireless in the vicinity. My wife, daughter and parent-in-laws remain connected with their Windows machines.

After read up on the RT3070 chipset it appears that this is a relatively common problem.

I'm waiting for a replacement mini PCI Intel WLAN card, but by all reports this Panda USB device should be rock solid...

I'm beginning to suspect that something else is at play.