Hi all,

My brother has an Ubuntu asus eeepc laptop (I don't remember the ubuntu version but it is a year to two old.) It had been working ok for the time he has had it, but for some reason it no longer presents a logon screen.

I had rebooted his computer because it was refusing to connect to the internet and at the time I couldn't think of anything else to do that I hadn't tried. Durring the reboot the Ubuntu logo appeared and the dots filled up and stayed full. When it didn't present me with a logon screen I pressed ALT-F1 and went to a terminal.

It seems that Ubuntu booted properly, my guess is that there is something wrong with gdm. It may perhaps be a graphics problem, the computer has an Intel graphics card. I can look at the /var/log files just fine if you need me to find something. It does have errors, but I don't know his computer well enough to tell the important ones from others.

Any suggestions will be apreciated.