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Thread: iPhone music sync with Rhythmbox

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    Re: iPhone music sync with Rhythmbox


    So I'm thinking of trying it with Ubuntu One. If it's really wireless syncing, and ability to have it all locally on the iPhone, then I'm pretty keen. It's about $40/year, but I think I could stretch for that to finally be done with Windows.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm assuming that the Ubuntu One app runs and has it's song data completely separately from the native iPhone music player and so it's just a question of getting rid of the native player and using the Ubuntu One player?

    Any real user experiences to say that this actually workks?

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    Re: iPhone music sync with Rhythmbox

    Not sure if it'll work for IPhones or IPod but this script worked a peach for Android:

    It prompts you for all your rhythmbox playlists and lets you pick which ones to sync. Moves the files over. Creates a playlist on the device as well. It is a sync not a copy -- so other music files on your device on the Music folder get removed.

    Pretty sweet.

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