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Thread: Upgrade LTSP server from 11.10 - Issues?

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    Exclamation Upgrade LTSP server from 11.10 - Issues?

    I have been running an LTSP network for the past year on 10.10 with excellent results and zero problems. My update manager has notified me this version will no longer be supported and, because the system has been so reliable I have been able to successfully forget everything I ever knew about how I set it up.

    With that in mind, and the fact that I really don't want to have to go back to the books, will an upgrade to 11.10 be transparent and painless, or will I have to rebuild or repair the LTSP after the fact? Frankly, if it hammers the client network and costs me a week of dicking around just to get back to where I was (or worse still, find some flaws in the newer integration that have not been discovered or fixed) I'll just run without upgrading until I see others' experiences first.

    I don't believe in fixing things that ain't broke.



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    Re: Upgrade LTSP server from 11.10 - Issues?

    Judging by the silence I guess everybody is dumping Linux and going to Windows 7?

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