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Thread: how to do a 'debug'?

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    Question how to do a 'debug'?

    I'm trying to find out what the IMEI number on my USB modem is, to eventually unlock it.

    In this thread post #13 there is a code of a 'debug' and in the very bottom is the modems imei number.

    So my question now is - how do I get that kid of debug code for my own modem?

    Hope someone can help! / rakel

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    Re: how to do a 'debug'?


    Perhaps the question is too general? I want to make that same debug as in the post I link to. Or something else that gives me the imei number on my mobile internet modem (dongle).

    I have found instructions on youtube on how to get the number in windows, but the only computer I have with windows on it has a broken usb input, so I cannot connect my dongle, and find the imei that way.


    using ubuntu 10.4

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