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Thread: Why does sudo command not work in chroot?

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    Why does sudo command not work in chroot?

    I just installed a 32-bit chroot to run on my 64-bit system. In the chroot environment the sudo command doesn't work, it sais 'sudo: command not found'.

    Also, when I try the 'su root' command my password doesn't work ('su: authentication failure'). Why is that?

    I'm quite new with ubuntu so actually I don't really know what I'm doing, just trying to follow instructions.

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    Re: Why does sudo command not work in chroot?


    You have your paths set up correctly in the chroot environment ?

    Are all the libraries in your path ?

    That would be the first thing i would check.

    Did you chroot into the correct part of the filing system ?

    What command are you using to chroot into the system ?

    Kind regards
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