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Thread: Closure of account and thanks.

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    Closure of account and thanks.

    Hi Admins, I would like to request this account be closed and my personal details removed. Thank you.

    There have been some strange issues occurring of late that are difficult to explain or even prove if I could. They have been addressed privately with staff (2).
    More importantly, since then, more drastic home related issues have cropped up as well, which have affected my interactions here negatively (specifically my input). As a result I'm closing the account and may start afresh here again sometime in the future. Head clearing time .

    Thank you all for the fantastic site and the assistance/guidance you've given me.

    Cheers, yetiman64.

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    Re: Closure of account and thanks.

    Sorry to learn of your difficulties, wish you all the best. AKIK you are welcome to return if your circumstances change.
    There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.
    --Prince Gautama Siddharta

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