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Thread: Can you get out of demo???

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    Question Can you get out of demo???

    I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04, and used the demo, but now I want to revert back to Windows so I can back my computer up before I install Ubuntu. How do I go back? It seems like it only allows me to either stay in the demo or install.


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    Lightbulb Re: Can you get out of demo???

    Hi jtang.

    First off, Welcome to the Forums!

    Second, assuming you haven't installed Ubuntu onto your hard drive yet, taking the installation CD/Flash Drive out should allow your computer to boot into Windows.
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    Re: Can you get out of demo???

    If you are running the Ubuntu liveCD there is a small gear like icon in the upper right corner. It has a menu entry of shutdown, which also allows you to select restart. If you select restart, it asks you to remove the liveCD and then boots the default OS installed on the computer.

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