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Thread: Tiny lags/freezes on video playback on 13.04

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    Tiny lags/freezes on video playback on 13.04


    After installing Ubuntu 13.04 (Or actually Ubuntu-Gnome) - i'm experiencing tiny tiny lags on video playback - the picture stands still in mayby 0.2 of i a second mayby every 10th second, and it gets a bit naggy. -It's just about long enough to notice

    I'm experiencing this both with normal playback with totem, html5/flash playback on youtube/other video sites in firefox/chrome - it's pretty much the same.

    This is not a behavior i have experienced with prior versions.

    Core2Duo E6420
    Nvidia GTX 550ti (using proprietary driver nvidia-313)
    4gb memory
    Samsung 830 120gb SSD

    Anyone experiencing similar behavior and/or have a solution? i'm freaking out
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    Re: Tiny lags/freezes on video playback on 13.04

    Hello, there!

    I'll spare you the story of how I figured this out, but I was having the same problem and just managed to fix it.

    The Setup:
    I have have an NVIDIA MCP55 on an Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard. It's the best sounding onboard card I've ever heard, but it gives me the same problems you were describing.

    The Problem:
    Video, audio, anything I play that has sound will randomly skip and stutter for a fraction of a second every 10 seconds or so. Sounds like a buffer overflowing.

    The Solution:
    Pop open a terminal and type:
    gksu gedit /etc/pulse/
    Type password when prompted.

    Under the section
    ### Automatically load driver modules depending on the hardware available
    Find the line that reads:
    load-module module-udev-detect use_ucm=0
    Add tsched=0 to this line to make it read:
    load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0 use_ucm=0
    Save and exit the file.

    Now restart pulseaudio by typing into your terminal:
    pactl exit
    Pulseaudio will automatically restart and your audio should now be smooth. No restart required.
    To reverse this fix, simply remove "tsched=0" from the "/etc/pulse/" file are restart pulse again.

    The Details:
    The problem is caused by a bad reaction to the timer-based scheduling introduced in newer versions of Pulseaudio. Adding "tsched=0" to the "/etc/pulse/" file, as described above, disables timer-based scheduling, causing pulseaudio to fall back to the traditional interrupt-driven method.


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    Re: Tiny lags/freezes on video playback on 13.04

    Thanks Tropcon. Your fix is similar to the one on the Ubuntu wiki page: "Position Reporting" Unfortunately, this fix makes the problem worse on my computer, turning this Launchpad-certified audio bug ('crackling'/stuttering: into a full-fledged digital audio stutter, like what you get from a dirty CD player. The other two "fixes" on that wiki page make no difference. This is a widespread problem that seems to affect a number of different users. It seems that very little of any significance is being done to fix this, other than noting that there's a bug/problem. I'm going to keep looking through the bug reports, nothing else is showing any progress.


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