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Thread: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    Can we hope that the drivers will get better with later Quantal releases?

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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    Could it be worth?

    No we all hope that.
    When I see this thread I start to doubt as Intel doesn't communicate at all and ignores all their customers

    Did anyone find a way to have audio through the HDMI?
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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    Yooo guys check this out!

    Someone runs Fedora Based Linux on N2600 Lenovo Ideapad! Sorry if this is an outdated news.

    Another news for those who can wait until next year :

    Intel is about to launch their new Atom Processor in 2013.
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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    Shouldn't be long now seeing as ASUS has just released a Cedar Trail Netbook with ubuntu pre-installed!!


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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    "... quantal ... it boots to black screen"
    if to edit grub menu item and add " nomodeset" to line with "ro quiet splash" it works. no, it does not work. explanation of it: .
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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    Quote Originally Posted by rickydoodah View Post
    Shouldn't be long now seeing as ASUS has just released a Cedar Trail Netbook with ubuntu pre-installed!!

    Dell released its GMA500 Mini 10 netbooks in 2009, and I am still waiting.
    It's an odd move by Asus, as the machine with 12.04 preinstalled would be barely usable, that is, unless it has a driver built in. There is nothing for Linux in the downloads section.
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    Re: Support for Intel GMA 3600?

    I am closing this thread for now. Sort of the bottom line is that this hardware is not supported by Intel on Linux.

    Please direct your complaints and frustrations to Intel.

    See -

    In terms of open source, there is a driver in the mainline kernel. It is not fully functional. Compile or install a mainline kernel if you wish, but this activity is not supported.

    The mainline kernels builds are produced for debugging purposes and therefore come with no support. Use them at your own risk.

    Building and using a custom kernel will make it very difficult to get support for your system.

    While it is a learning experience to compile your own kernel, you will not be allowed to file bugs on the custom-built kernel (if you do, they will be Rejected without further explanation).

    If you have a commercial support contract with Ubuntu/Canonical, this will void such support.
    My advice is to not purchase this hardware and expect to run Linux on it.

    If you wish to work on experimental drivers, closed or open source, form a team on LP similar to the now defunct GMA500 team.

    Feel free to let the FC know once you have a working group.

    Otherwise, this thread continues to make unsubstantiated claims and advise experimental drivers without sufficient documentation. I think I have given you all, as a group, sufficient time to get your act together.
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