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Thread: FFMPEG streaming to

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    Re: FFMPEG streaming to

    Why do you want to "save CPU power"? What's the actual question here? Why do you not want ffmpeg to take advantage of all available resources? It's a tradeoff: fewer resources = lower frame rate and/or frame size.

    • Why do you use "-threads 6"? libx264 automatically determines the optimal number of threads by default so you generally do not need to declare threads unless you want to reduce them.
    • "-qscale" and "-b" are mutually exclusive, but luckily libx264 ignores "-qscale".
    • "-b" is ambiguous and you should use a stream specifier with this option: "-b:v" or "-b:a" (same with "-qscale").
    • A better suggestion may be to base your encoding options on your upload rate if that is a limiting factor. I will expand on this later when I return from a trip. What is your max upload rate?
    • There is no "lossless_ultrafast" preset unless you're using ancient or fake ffmpeg. Lossless = huge files which would probably not be good for uploading a live stream to this video service.

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    Re: FFMPEG streaming to

    add -g 2 to your -vcodec line, that will allow you to stream video as well as audio.

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