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Thread: Ubuntu as a bluetooth speaker set?

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    Ubuntu as a bluetooth speaker set?

    Hi there,

    i was wondering weather it's possible to add a bluetooth dongle to my existing headless ubuntu system, in order to use it as a speaker for bluetooth enabled devices.

    what i would want it to do: I've got an bluetooth enabled android phone. and i would love for it to connect to my headless ubuntu media server via bluetooth like it does for example with my car stereo. the ubuntu machine is hooked up top my onkyo a/v-receiver and i would like to play my local media files on my phone via the a/v-receiver. ideally with some support for software like squeezebox server or xbmc (both of which already running on my machine).

    basic information:
    system: headless ubuntu server edition 10.04LTS

    any input much aprieciated!


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    Re: Ubuntu as a bluetooth speaker set?

    I know that my Bluetooth dongle works perfectly with my Ubuntu system. I've used it on both 10.04 and 11.04, variously for file sharing, mobile Internet access, and remote control. They all worked first time without any problems.

    However, I have not tried to control my speakers with it and would not know how.
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