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Thread: How to post.

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    How to post.

    Could someone help me? I'm trying to figure out how to post in a thread, I keep looking around the forums, but I can't find out how to do it? I heard that this is where all the experts are, and since this is such a big topic, I figured I'd ask here. Someone here ought to know, right? Also I keep hearing this term when I post,
    -what does that mean?

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    Re: How to post.

    Post moved to its own thread in Forum Feedback & Help, and given appropriate title

    If you wish to post a new thread, from the home page, go to the sub-forum that best fits your question. Don't forget to read the sub-forum description. For example, in the Beginners Section here:

    It says:

    The perfect place to post for your Ubuntu support if you are new to Linux.
    Click on the dark orange "Post New Thread" button and the rest should be straightforward. Don't forget to make your thread title meaningful. You will find some useful advice here:

    Thread hijacking? That is posting your question in a thread which has nothing to do with your the question you wish to ask. It also means posting to someone else's thread in a support area - it's usually better to start your own thread if your have a technical support question.

    If you wish to comment in a discussion thread or offer help in an existing support thread, click on the "Reply to thread" button.
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