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Thread: Rage 128 (r128) testers needed

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    Re: Rage 128 (r128) testers needed

    str8bs, thanks for the testing! There is just one combination missing, the unpatched driver with xorg.conf like WithXorgConfMonitorAndScreenFBdevFalse. If that combination fails, but it works with the patch, then we know the patch makes it somewhat better.

    To reinstall the original driver, just run:
    sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-r128/precise
    Please use launchpad to search for/report bugs and problems:

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    Re: Rage 128 (r128) testers needed

    Well I have r128 on a PowerMac G4(desktop)and got lots of trouble trying to install ubuntu since it uses new drivers and xorg.conf.

    Until 5.04 it was OK

    Between 7.x and 12.04 I could not run nothing. And tried lots of workarounds, between offbff, setting up xorg.conf to useFBdev=false and/or NoInt10=true - dont remeber everything I tried - but I tried EVERYTHING ! - Just 5% of the woarkarounfs "worked", because opened the X, but very slow and freezing a lot, until system die.

    After 12.10 Quantal it installed and ran ok, by default. It´s still very very slow, but I´m not sure if the reason is still the framebuffer issue or low performance MAC versus heavy OS - anyway now I am trying to install lubuntu on it and having other kind of problem during installation (I guess there´s nothing to do with the r128 video card this time, but who knows) - I posted a topic here:

    Once it´s intalled and running I will be glad to help with further and deeper testes within my box, in order to take advantage of 3d accel and everything .

    Regards, Anderson

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    Re: Rage 128 (r128) testers needed

    tormod: Thanks for your efforts to make these R128 cards continue working for a living.
    I redid the test in a more verbose way. The only time X failed to start was unpatched with UseFBDev False. Let me know if I missed something again.

    Also, any use repeating test on another iMac g3 333 with Rage 128 Pro 6M ?
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