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Thread: Application Alternatives

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    Application Alternatives

    Hello i have 2 applicatitions that i love on my mac.
    One is hazel the other is growl.

    Hazel basically keeps automates organization on my computer. So lets say i want all .mov files in one folder to automatically be put in the movies folder from my downloads folder. Hazel would do this for me.

    Growl is a notification system that gives pop out when things are done etc

    Are there any linux (using ubuntu) alternatives to these applications?

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    Re: Application Alternatives

    Here is a previous thread that discusses alternatives to Hazel ( The last post ( mentions a program called Maid ( & that is based on Hazel.

    Specto ( looks like a linux alternative to the Growl program. Its available in the Software Centre.
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    Re: Application Alternatives

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