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Thread: Capture Card Software?

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    Capture Card Software?

    Hi everyone. I'm rather new to Linux, and I was wondering if there are any software out there that I can use for a capture card? If so, That'd be very good because I'd like to make LP's.

    What capture card would be the best one to get? (One that can record Component), I'd like to know the best possible setup I can have for an affordable price.


    Also again:
    I'm REALLY knew to linux, though I have used it for what seems to be years, I never took the time to study it, so compiling is still confusing to me. I managed to get some programs compiled, like GnoMenu, but thats about it. So, if the software needs compiling, please explain how ^^


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    Re: Capture Card Software?

    Ive seen good linux support in hauppage products. vlc has worked well for me to do video capture. Ive seen some neat stuff come out of zoneminder. There are other programs that do a variety of capture functions.

    Ive also had trouble with the no name capture cards in linux, be that poor video quality, or out right incompatibilities. have a look here:

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    Re: Capture Card Software?

    Go to they have the most uptodate list of what works and how to get it to work.


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