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Thread: Ubuntu 11.10 freezing

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    Ubuntu 11.10 freezing

    Hi guys! Thanks for reading this!! I installed Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday because I had a pretty effin awful virus and it wiped my windows OS. Dammit! So I installed Ubuntu and decided to have it as my main OS! W00t! But I am having some problems, just 1 really! The first is that every 15 seconds or so the entire system will freezes, just for half a second or so, maybe less! but long enough to notice and to slowly drive me insane. I think it may be a graphics issue because it seems less noticeable when I have Ubuntu 2D on. At first I thought it was my cursor freezing but i seems to be the whole thing! So er I guess i'm asking if there's any super clever little tweaks or something that might help?? My graphics card is some intel crap that Ubuntu can't detect. Any help will result in a proper inappropriate amount of love from me to you!! No- creepy!!!!



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    Re: Ubuntu 11.10 freezing

    Hi Joseph./
    Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums. Sorry to hear about your virus. Can you give us some more detail about your PC please, as it will help in identifying whether your system spec are good enough (should be if it ran windows) or whether there is a particular graphics problem with the pc model.

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