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Thread: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Effects on a Vaio C Series

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    Cool Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Effects on a Vaio C Series

    I recently bought a Vaio C Series laptop with the specs listed as follows:

    Intel Core i5- 2410M
    Windows 7 (The second I got the laptop I installed ubuntu alongside)
    Hard Disk Drive 500GB
    4GB Ram
    ATI Radeon 6630/Some Intel Graphic chipset

    The problem is, I can't install any CompizConfig settings and desktop effects on my laptops. So far, I've done the following:

    Right Clicked on Desktop, went to the Visual Effects tab and clicked Extra. Checks for graphic cards for a bit then complains that Desktop Effects could not be enabled. I downloaded AMD Radeon drivers and installed them, they didn't work either. What should I do?
    I figure it may be a problem with the fact that there's two graphical options and there's no physical way of switching between them.
    For more info:
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Effects on a Vaio C Series

    It is possible that the graphics card on your new computer is not fully supported with the drivers available for 10.04.

    As an experiment, load 12.04 (Beta) onto a Live USB or Live CD and run it. Open a terminal (press Ctrl-Alt-T) and enter the following two commands:
    /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test --print
    The first command will display "ubuntu" if the graphics card is full supported, and "ubuntu-2d" if not. The second command will display "Yes" and not "No" on all lines if fully supported.
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